Small Business Donator

Small Business Donator A partnership between Digital Gaps, Social Value UK and Blackbeard to help build relationships between local small businesses and charities to address areas of social need.

The Need

With a continuing pressure on public services and reduction in local government support, small charities and their vital services in health, social care and wellbeing provision is suffering. Our digital application will target the 5.5 million micro-businesses currently operating within the UK and enable them to access a trusted and credible route to support local causes within their local communities, through small donation contributions to small charities. Micro-businesses would be made aware of any local council priorities and given the option to choose the priority they wish to support, with the financial amount they want to offer. Larger SMEs have routes to offer CSR, micro-businesses are not supported in this area and their support is lost. 

‘We’ve investigated CSR but are unsure how to offer it or who we can trust...we want to make a difference in our community through a donation in a simple and effective way’. - Society 1, Preston. 

How will this reduce pressure on Public Services

Our application would allow micro businesses to develop meaningful relationships with their community and will encourage impactful projects via donation support. This, in turn, will provide access to an untapped source of income that local authorities could prioritise and local small charities would benefit from, based on evidence that they present which proves a difference that they are making to the prevention agenda, ultimately reducing demand on public services. 

A true collaborative experience

Microbusiness - 5.5m businesses enabled to make a contribution to a priority in their community, each donation will be supported by a visual recognition

Local Authorities - will be able to weight the donation contributions according to specific local needs ensuring that primary outcomes receive essential support.

Community projects - demonstrate how they are measuring and managing their social impact. This will contribute to a ‘social value score’ being developed with Social Value UK. The scoring system will enable them to receive an increased proportion of funding and support in developing systems they need to become sustainable Projects.

Social Value UK -  provide a development pathway for community projects to build capacity for managing and measuring social impact. Developed algorithms will determine how much funding is allocated per project by incorporating the social value score, the scale of operations and project outcome(s) in relation to the local public sector priorities.

The partners' roles

This project is currently supported by Social Value UK who will play a key role in supporting the research and development of the product, allowing us to develop an algorithm which can align council outcomes with charities/community projects creating a seamless and simple user experience. We have already approached both Lancaster City Council & Lancaster Chamber of Commerce who have shown a desire to play a key role in the development of the product. We are always open to the option of engaging with new partners at a local level within the public sector and with local authorities. 

Our Selected Works.

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