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Our robust transformation programme increases user engagement, staff productivity, and system scalability. Complex frontline service problems, require whole system innovation to deliver sustainable and quantifiable benefits for your company or organisation.

Service Improvement

To begin we conduct a in depth service review to inform our service solution delivery and identify initial user motivational insights to frame our research enquiry.

Activities Delivered:

Service Problem Analysis

The Outcome:

Frontline Problem analysis report.

User Experience

To add depth to our understanding we put our team into the position of our frontline users allowing them to undergo the same interactions, difficulties and barriers. All with the objective of gaining user empathy and perspective of the frontline problem.

Activities Delivered:

Interviews, Observation, Focus Groups, Discourse Analysis, Empathy mapping

The Outcome:

User Research findings


Our next step is to understand all of the data gathered, and uncover the insights behind user actions and thoughts. We discover trends and commonalities and gain a deeper understanding of the people we are creating the service solution for and readdress the frontline problem.

Activities Delivered:

Behavioural Motivation Insights, User needs analysis, Persona development, Business goals, Thematic Analysis, Design Principles

The Outcome:

User insight, defined service problem & design considerations report


We then, together as a collective of people, develop your ideas through co-design workshops, using our innovative behaviour design framework produce a proposed solution. We then test our concept with your service users until we have a refined robust service solution.

Activities Delivered:

User testing, value assessment, Prototyping, feasibility & technical report.

The Outcome:

Live prototype digital product or service delivery

Feasibility & impact of the solution, plus project journey outlining the decisions and steps made from user behaviour and insight analysis to prototype and user testing.


The journey isn’t finished though, our method is focused on continual improvement and support. We consistently reiterate and improve your solution from identified problem to improvement, creating a solution that increases engagement, productivity and product scale.

Activities Delivered:

User testing, value assessment, feasibility & technical report.

The Outcome:

Final Service improvement report including benefits, evidence based Impact & commercial feasibility plan.

Software Development

We offer full lifecycle development and support of innovative, creative and fully-customised solutions, leading frontline digital transformation projects for government and commercial customers.

Activities Delivered:

MVP Development, Reiteration Process (User Test, Improve UX/UI), Develop a road-map of future developments

The Outcome:

Initial MVP Launch, Full Product Launch, Hosting and Server Cost covered, Relationship Manager, Concept Report for future improvements

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