Our Culture

People First

Blackbeard is at its very core about people. We seek to understand people, be empathetic to the needs, wants and drives. This not only shines through in the products & services we design but in our work with clients and in how we treat each other. 

Our clients will ...

Find us focused on their needs and desires for the project.

Experience a true collaborative approach where we work closely together in an empathetic and mutually respectful away to achieve our goals.

Our work will ...

Always be empathically designed for the motivations, desires and deepest needs of the people who will be using the product. 

Be focused on people so that products are personal, attractive and easy to use. This facilitates connection with customers rather than inhibiting interactions.


Blackbeard believe in creativity. We believe in the power of creativity to change the world for the better, and we believe in our part in harnessing creativity to realise that mission. We believe that creativity makes better, more engaging more effective products and we also believe that the creative process produces happier, more fulfilled people. 

Our clients will ...

Enjoy the fresh, innovative approaches and perspectives we bring to their products and services.  

Experience the creative process for themselves. Our collaborative approach supports client involvement in developing insights and imaginative solutions. Our clients really enjoy our expert facilitation of these creative collaboration sessions. 

Our work will ...

Always be innovative and effective. We will always design to meet business needs, but we seek to do so in a way that is new, original and advances the sector beyond what was once thought possible.


We at Blackbeard understand the true value of Authenticity. We have felt the difference it makes in our team where authentic being and communicating enables deeper, more enjoyable relationships. We value honesty with clients and work hard to establish trust. We seek to design to a simple sincerity that resonates. 

Our clients will ...

Find us honest, clear and straightforward. We will not over promise and under deliver. We will be open and transparent in all stages of the project.  

Our work will ...

Always be clear and easy to understand. The design will be elegantly simple with communication (marketing, publications, reports etc.) to match.

Be led by our expert understanding of human psychology and design.

Always align with our values; our work will always contribute to human health, happiness and progress and will never compromise our ethics.