About Us

Blackbeard is built on the foundations of helping people to achieve radically improvement their outcomes, through innovation & design . We put people at the heart of everything we do to create great digital products and services. 


We seek to understand people, be empathetic to their needs, wants and drives. This not only shines through the products & services we design but in our work with clients and partners.

We at Blackbeard believe in creativity. We believe in the power of creativity to change the world for the better, and we believe in our part in harnessing creativity to realise that mission. We believe that creative design makes better, more engaging, more effective products and we also believe that the creative process produces happier, more fulfilled people.

We at Blackbeard understand the true value of authenticity. As a team we have experienced the manifold benefits of being honest and authentic to each other and our partners; as it enables clear communication and transparency. We value honesty with clients and work hard to establish trust.