What we do best:

Below is a selection of Manufacturing Solutions that we provide.

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Manufacturing and Design Solutions
that bring your ideas to life.


3D Design | 3D Scanning
Reverse Engineering

The first step in bringing your ideas to life is getting them out of your head and into digital space. These 3D digital assets are what enables the manufacturing process to begin.

CNC Programming | Prototyping

Once you have your idea transformed into a digital asset, what's next? You need to prove your ideas and make sure you have a working design! The best way to do this is through prototyping! We can 3D Print, CNC machine, and fabricate your ideas in-house. 

Have a manufacturing facility already? We can support your manufacturing operations with our CNC Programming services. These include fixture design/tool sourcing and can accommodate machining processes from 5 axis milling to large VTL turning with live tools.

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Manufacturing Consulting

The next step is to take your digital asset and a proven prototype and develop a plan to produce at scale. We can present the best strategies and options to manufacture your components or products. Whether it's getting you connections to suppliers or providing equipment recommendations, we will accommodate your specific needs.